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Marriages in india are priceless. Two loving hearts and their families come together to tie the knot of love, care, and protection to each other for eternity. Every wedding is special and memorable in its own ways.
A beautiful blend of whatsapp, flickr, and facebook, my wedding app narrates the story of two hearts becoming one. From letting the guests find their room and driver details to reminding them of upcoming big events, this app encapsulates stunning features. It simply makes your wedding extraordinary.

Meet the team

Mohit Jajoo

Mohit Jajoo SITSL Advisory Board

Being the sovereign member of the advisory committee Mohit brings unique knowledge and ideas to heighten the team’s motivation and enhance their efforts. He always stays updated about the latest market trends in order to more effectively guide the organization.

Bhupendra verma COO

Bhupendra is a key member of the senior management team and controls diverse business operations apart from establishing corporate policies that promote the organization’s working culture and vision. He is also responsible to oversee operations and executives performance.

Bhupendra verma


Yashika is responsible to make major business decisions, manage overall resources and operations while communicating with the board of directors and management team members. Her ultimate goal is to establish great working relationships and set a course for marketing strategy.

Rajpriya solanki CTO

While exploring and utilizing new technologies to yield competitive advantage and enabling marketing team to avail maximum benefits out of the latest technology, Rajpriya also enables the marketing associates to build an advanced strategy based on great technological resources.

Rajpriya solanki

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